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Born Hairy

Ciara is one of those lucky creatures that was born hairy. She tried to fight it for a few years, but she gave up. Now she just enjoys having a super hairy pussy

And if you look closely, you can see this hairy hottie has hairy arm pits too!

Ciara shows off hairy snatch1

And hairy arm pits are always in style!

Hot Hairy Arm Pits

Calia is a little bit of everything that every man wants. She’s got super huge boobs – massive juggs!

She’s in the bath tonight to wash her sexy hairy snatch – and her hairy arm pits. When she raises her arms… Yeah, it’s super hot really!

Celia hairy armpits hot sexy bath1

Turns out she’s got hair under both arms – of course!

Now it’s time to wash her sexy hairy arm pits!

Celia hairy armpits hot sexy bath2

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