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Vanessa Shows Off Her Hairy Pits & Pussy

Vanessa has hairy armpits and a furry pussy

If you like amateur college girls with hairy armpits, unshaved Vanessa will be right up your alley! Here she starts out in black bra & skirt, but quickly loses those to display her young all-natural body, hairy pits, and seductive furry pussy. Then she lays back in bed and slides a finger in that hairy cunt for good measure, getting into the mood of things…


Hairy Nipples

Erin Eden loves her hairy arm pits so much that she gets off on licking herself….

That’s so sexy!

ErinEden crazy wild hairy

Looks like she also has hairy nipples too – that’s a first for us!

Wild And Crazy Arm Pits

Talk about being wild and crazy… Monica is all about being crazy. Crazy and wild – and different. And having hairy arm pits is different!

Monica hairy armpits26

She knows that some chicks have a hairy snatch because they are two lazy to shave. But not Monica. She gets off on having hairy arm pits!

Because no matter where she is or what she’s doing or even what she’s wearing, she knows that she’s got a hairy arm pits. She can feel her arm pit hair at all times!

Monica hot sexy hairy armpits27 Monica hot sexy hairy armpits28 Monica hot teen hairy armpits3 Monica hot sexy hairy armpits29

And it constantly turns her on!

Under Arm Hair

When Seleca spreads her legs, it’s open for the entire world to see that she’s got a hairy pussy. And that’s hot in herself.

But if you look closely… Seleca has another little hairy surprise for us!

Seleca hot slut bushy snatch82

Seems Seleca has a little bit of under arm hair!

Seleca hot slut bushy snatch81

And you can bet she likes showing that off too!

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Little Arm Pit Hair

She doesn’t have much hair under her arms, but she’s still new to the entire hairy arm pits thing….

But she’s still got a nice sexy hairy snatch – and the hair under her arm pits will grow!

Veronica hairy pussy see through orange panties1

We just hope it grows sooner than later!

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Insanely Hairy Arm Pit

You can always tell when a women loves their hairy arm pits… The ones that are really into their hairy arm pits are the ones that like to touch their hairy arm pits!

And clearly Nixi has a huge smile on her face!

Nixi loves her hairy cunt34

She’s got a hairy arm pit and a smile on her face. She’s one happy babe with insanely sexy hairy arm pit!

Fucking Hairy Women

May is beautiful all over – and hairy too.

She’s got a beautiful little smile, a nice rack, and the perfect little patch of hair under her arms!

May loves her hairy armpits1

Then when we see she’s got a hairy snatch too. Legs spread open wide, arms up… Just fucking hairy all over!

May loves her hairy armpits2

And we love fucking hairy women!

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